• Wednesday, 21. October 2020 06:45

FFXIV : Patch 3.4 Preview


A new day dawns in Ishgard. The great wyrm Nidhogg is no more, and the Dragonsong War has drawn to a long-sought-after close. Though the future offers the promise of hope, it is not without peril─for when one threat is vanquished, another inevitably rises in its stead.

The Illuminati are scheming in the hinterlands, preparing to reshape history in their own twisted image. Sophia, the Goddess, threatens to break free from her fetters and restore the realm to a ruinous equilibrium. From the climbs of Xelphatol to the funereal halls of the Great Gubal Library, all manner of beast and beastman stir. Eorzea cries out for a hero, but what brave soul will dare to heed her call?

Great trials and still greater rewards await those who would stand against the coming peril. With all this and more fast approaching, we offer you a sneak peek with the Patch 3.4 — Soul Surrender trailer!

View the trailer.



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